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Spark Conversation, Drive Metrics & Keep Things Simple

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Audience Interaction Made Easy

Create an event web app that your community will thrive on in minutes

Spark Conversation

  • Audience Live Chats give everyone more opportunity to exchange ideas
  • Competitor Profiles make it easy for on-stage and off-stage attendees to connect
  • Guess-the-Winner Challenge gives everyone a stake in the competition

Drive Metrics

  • Boost your event loyalty & prestige by offering the best networking environment
  • Showcase your sponsors and track activity
  • Convert attendees into clients by placing action buttons at their fingertips

Keep Things Simple

  • One Eventbrite-Connected tool for all your needs: Secure Voting, Event Communication & More
  • Instant Onboarding: Just give the audience an Event Key to enter at Buzzit.ca
  • Be Event-Ready in minutes, even with no technical expertise

Secure Audience-Favourite Voting

  • Simply add competitor names to the list and your voting form is ready to go
  • Audience members make their top selections for first, second and third place
  • Four levels of user-friendly validation create unparalleled speed & security
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Presenter Pages

  • Audience members and Presenters have many reasons to connect, but there’s never enough networking time
  • The Presenter’s Pages are a single hub where Audience members can find whatever the Presenters want to put in their hands
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Live Chat

  • Provide an exclusive forum where your audience can share ideas, ask and answer questions, and make connections while keeping each other on topic
  • Guarantee everyone’s data security by offering complete personal privacy
  • Ensure a positive atmosphere through three levels of moderation: automated; community-based & administrative
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Guess-the-Winner Challenge

How it works:

  • At any time, a user can silently place their stake on which competitor will win the Audience-Favourite Award
  • As soon as the audience vote is complete, the first person that guessed correctly is automatically notified of their win
  • Competition audiences are already playing this privately; we’ve turned it into a fun game that keeps them focused on the stage
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Sponsors Section

  • Your Sponsors want results. We’re here to help you deliver & prove it
  • BuzzIt’s Sponsor Pages have key details and CTAs that make it easy and enticing for your community members to benefit from the value your Sponsors provide
  • Our simple reporting feature lets you track actions, gain insights, optimise CTAs and send detailed results to stakeholders
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How Does The Audience Join?

  • Buzzit's Icon to the list

    Go to Buzzit.ca

  • Buzzit's Icon to the list

    Enter the event code

  • Buzzit's Icon to the list

    Press Join

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is voting secured?

Four levels of validation keep voting secure while still allowing the least tech-savvy people to vote quickly.

  • Only people with your BuzzIt Event Key will be able to find your Event App
  • An automated Geo-Fence ensures that only people that are physically at your event location will be able to vote
  • We prevent double-voting by using a Google Firebase token system
  • You increase the security even further by using our Time-Gate: simply open voting with one click just before you tell the audience to vote

Does the Live Chat create a distraction?

No. Our clients have found that it actually works like an attention safety-net because people will turn to your Event App instead of the outside internet when they experience an interruption in their focus. Here’s some examples:

  • Crowd-Sourced Answers:
    • Not everyone will follow along perfectly. When someone misses something, they can use the chat to ask for help and another audience member can discreetly bring them up to speed.
  • In-Event Outlet:
    • Thought-provoking subjects will create a constant stream of ideas & questions that people yearn to satisfy. By providing them with the option to spend that energy among their fellow attendees, you help them avoid getting lost on the internet, and keep them focused on what is happening in the room.
  • In-Chat announcements
    • Event Admin’s can send highlighted announcements through the chat to make sure important messages reach more people.

Your Audience Will Love It

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