The Big Hairy Audacious Goal

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I often get asked, “How is BuzzIt different from other college apps?” There are many differences, but the question itself is framed in the wrong way. BuzzIt is not a college app. Both college and app are words that pigeonhole it into something with a relatively small market, and therefore can’t begin to describe what we intend BuzzIt to become.

Let’s start with college. From its conception, we’ve planned to make BuzzIt a mainstream product, not something that gets stuck on campus. BuzzIt will eliminate barriers to the free flow of ideas and information around any area, making life better for everyone. But, we can’t go straight to main stream adoption because a local network needs to be built location by location.

Not being able to go straight to the mainstream, we had to find somewhere to start. Luckily for us, the people with the most immediate need for our product – post-secondary students – are also the best at growing new networks. This is why we will be focusing our adoption efforts solely on students for the foreseeable future.

But, while we see colleges and universities as being the best place to start, BuzzIt has been designed and built to be ready for mass adoption. And, it’s this difference in long-term vision that is the reason for all BuzzIt’s technical differences. There are a lot of college apps out there with somewhat similar functionality, some of them pretty popular and well-funded, but, all of them are stuck on campus because their founding vision was to be a great college app, and the technology fits the vision.

With college out of the way, allow me to take on app. BuzzIt is a software application, so it could always technically be called an app. The problem with that word is that it implies that it’s an after-thought to the smartphone – something that can be added on. With that in mind, look at the buttons on the bottom of your home screen. Two are common to every smartphone – Phone and Text. They’re both technically apps, but we don’t call them that because they were common forms of communication long before smartphones existed; they’re old technology that has survived the hardware upgrade. Imagine buying one to find that you had to download and install a calling app, or that it didn’t even support calls (this is why I think tablet sales peaked – they’re giant phones that can’t make calls).

We see BuzzIt becoming just as common to the smartphone as calling and texting were to landlines and cellphones, respectively. This is why we don’t want to call BuzzIt an app; it is the next natural progression in the way we communicate. To us, it seems so logical and obvious that we’re surprised that the technology doesn’t exist already. All of the necessary pieces of the puzzle have been there for years, and yet we still haven’t put them together in the right way. If you think about all of the amazing things a smartphone can do, how is it that it can’t help you safely and easily share information around your immediate area?

BuzzIt will not only make this possible, but also natural. It will be so normal that people will think it was obvious and wonder how they ever got along without it. And, because they would expect something so necessary to be pre installed on every smartphone, that’s our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal – ubiquitous pre installation; the third button on the bottom of every phone.

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