BuzzIt FAQ

Q: Is BuzzIt Anonymous?

All users can post, chat and share with the protection of full anonymity, but all users log in.

Q: Why Do I Have To Log In?

Having users log in lets us deliver a better experience, including features like:
  1. Giving you access to the same account on all of your connected devices
  2. Connecting you to live, location-based chats while you're moving
  3. Helping you express yourself by sharing more than just plain text
  4. Empowering the community to self-moderate

Q: Can Other Users See Me Or My Location When I Log In?

Other users can only see your posts and comments; they cannot see you or your location.

Q: How Do I Know My Identity Is Safe?

We protect your data using bcrypt and OAuth and secure servers. Please check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.

Q: What Is The Proximity For BuzzIt / From How Far Away Can I See Content?

BuzzIt continually adjusts proximity to bring you the most relevant content from your area, and you have the option to sort posts by location to see what's closest to you.

Q: How Can I Stay Connected To A Chat After I leave The Area Where It Started?

Anything you post, comment on or favourite will automatically be stored in your history section and will stay there until you remove it or it expires.

Q: How Does BuzzIt Know My Location?

BuzzIt uses your device GPS, Wifi, and/or Cell Signals.

Q: How Does BuzzIt Use My Device's Location?

BuzzIt uses your device's location to stick each post to the place you were when you wrote it and to deliver other posts from your area to your device.

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