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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: November 28, 2016

Opening Notice

Please read this document carefully. We have taken great care to explain not only what information we collect and how we use it, but also the ‘why’ behind the policy wherever possible. We also made every attempt to write this in plain English so it is easy to read and understand. To further simplify this document, we include simple explanations in the headings, but it is important to note that both of these devices are intended only to improve readability and that neither control any of the provisions of this agreement. Please write to us via our contact page if you have any questions or concerns.

By using the BuzzIt app and / or (“BuzzIt”), you signify that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.


“Content” means any information, text, graphics, photos, videos, media, files and other materials that you create on, send to, email to or upload to BuzzIt

The Basics: Content Is Public, Personal Information Is Never Public

We designed BuzzIt to be a balanced information sharing service; a tool you can use to share what you want (“Content”) while keeping everything else private (your identity and location). To achieve this, your personal information is never attached to the Content you create. The Content is always public. Your identity and location are never public (unless you intentionally share these items publicly).

Why We Make Users Log In: To Prevent Abuse

Users log in so that:

The community can remove trolls and spammers by reporting them on BuzzIt.

We can notify the proper authorities when we, at our sole discretion, suspect that lives are in danger or minors are being exploited.

We can remove users that break any of rules listed in the Terms of Use.

We can direct authorities accordingly in the event that we receive a valid court order, subpoena or search warrant related to Content created by a user.

Login Information: What We Collect and How We Use It

All of our users have different ideas about what information is most private to them, so we will strive to provide you with as many login options as possible. Currently, you can create a BuzzIt account with an email address. In the future, we plan to let you access BuzzIt using one of your social media accounts, like Google+ or Facebook.

Any information you use to log in to BuzzIt, including the IP address from which the account is initially created (herein referred to as “Login Information”), is the most sacred information we collect and it will never be shared publicly or sold or licensed to third parties. However, we can and will use this information to work with authorities as described above.

We use Login Information to make BuzzIt work for you. These two types of information allow us to: (1) save your Content so you can access it later, even if you have left the area; and (2) let you and other users have real conversations in anonymous chats by assigning a unique color and label to all messages from each particular chat participant.

Location Information: What We Collect and How We Use It

BuzzIt determines your approximate location (“Your Location”) from your device GPS and/or the location of the Wi-Fi router you are connected to and/or other nearby Wi-Fi connections and/or your Cellular Network.

We use Your Location to show you Content from other users in your area and to assign a GPS stamp to any content you create (the “Content Location”). Your Location is not tracked or logged over time, and it will never be shared publicly or sold or licensed to third parties. Content Location is as public as the Content to which it is attached and will exist on our servers for at least one year after it is created, though it may not always be publicly available.

Data Security

The security of your personal information is the foundation of our business. To ensure this security, we: (1) Detach personal information and location from all Content, and never make it available on the website; (2) Restrict employee access to Login Information and Your Location; (3) Encrypt all data at 256kb; (4) Keep offline all data that is not vital to the online service; and (5) Use passwords and physical security barriers to protect our servers from unauthorized intrusion.

However, we provide BuzzIt to you by transmitting data over the internet, and therefore we cannot give your data an absolute security guarantee. You must agree to use BuzzIt at your own risk. If any such breach does occur, we will notify all users as soon as we learn of the breach via the app and website.

Log Data: Anonymous Usage Information

In addition to the other types of information described above, we automatically collect anonymous usage information. It is important to note that none of this is ever connected to you in any way and it is used only to improve and the service and grow the user base.

The types of information we collect are what type of device and software you used to access BuzzIt, the address of the page that linked you to BuzzIt if you accessed from the web, the location from which you accessed BuzzIt, and other usage statistics like session length and number of visits per day.

This type of information is shared with third parties that help us improve the service, like Google Analytics. To learn more about Google Analytics and how it uses your data, please visit Google Analytics

Content: It is all public

Content is public the moment you create it, and will remain visible to other users through BuzzIt so long as users are actively engaged with it or until newer, more popular Content pushes it out of availability.

Once Content has been removed from public availability, it will remain on our servers for an indefinite amount of time, and your personal Content history may be available to you at some point in the future.

BuzzIt is Not for Children

BuzzIt was not created for children. We do not knowingly collect information from any person under the age of 13 or allow them to create accounts in the first place. If you have knowledge of someone 12 years of age or younger using BuzzIt, please report them.

Changes to This Agreement: Change happens

BuzzIt is very young and as it grows and changes we will need to update this Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time at our sole discretion. By continuing to use BuzzIt after we publish a change to this Privacy Policy through, you agree to be bound by those changes.

For your convenience, we will keep all versions of this Privacy Policy available through the website.

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